Setting an Odometer


After buying a rusty Geo Tracker for quite a lot more than it was worth given its condition, Pentium set about attempting to fix it up. One of his junkyard upgrades was a replacement gauge cluster with a tachometer. But the new cluster's odometer was nowhere near the mileage of his original, and they were too different to swap. So he brought it to me to see if I could reset it. Easy! All I needed was some Lego...

Here you can see our very complex build in progress.

By removing one of the gears in the odometer mechanism, a standard lego gear neatly meshed with the counter. All we had to do was slip it onto the shaft of a lego motor and apply power.

After a few minutes of racket from the lego motor, the new odometer read the same as the old one. Although why he'd want to advertise the fact that his Tracker had the better part of a gazillion miles on it, I don't know.