StarTAC Links

I would link to Motorola's support page for the StarTAC, but their website is completely hopeless. Feel free to look for it yourself.

Wikipedia - The first choice when looking for info on anything.

Ryan's Wireless Info - The most comprehensive StarTAC information site. Sadly the original page has gone offline, but its author has kindly allowed me to mirror it here.

Integrated Electronics Engineering Center - A teardown and analysis of the first StarTAC shortly after it was released.

PC World - The number 6 position on their "50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years" list goes to the StarTAC.

StarTAC: The Next Irritation - Recount of a day with an early StarTAC at a time when cell phone coverage was far worse than it is today.

Impressions of the Motorola Timeport and ST7867W - A review of the ST7868w and the Timeport badged version from when they came out.

Motorola StarTAC Commercial - A TV ad from the '90s showing the StarTAC and the REX addon.

If you have a StarTAC related webpage and would like it listed here, feel free to contact me.



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