Express Repairs

The Honda Express has been somewhat tricky to keep going due to a general lack of information on them. I wrote my own repair guide in an attempt to fix that, but it desperately needs a re-write so I won't be including it at the moment. I will however link to scans of several printed shop manuals.

I am also planning to create a series of detailed repair videos for the Express. They would be released free of charge to sites like Youtube, as well as sold on DVD for no more than the production and shipping costs. If you live in the Vancouver area and own an Express, I would be willing to perform any repairs it may need for free in exchange for letting me film the process. Please contact me if you can help.

Honda Express shop manual - The official Honda manual, covering all years of the Honda Express (NC50) and Express II (NA50)

Honda Urban Express shop manual - The same as above, only covering the Honda Urban Express (NU50)

Clymer Honda Express manual - An aftermarket manual for the 1977-1979 Express (NC50) and Express II (NA50)