Digitizing LaserDiscs - Accessing 1970s analog video in a digital world.

Commodore 1702 - These little monitors have always been popular among hobbyists, and with the addition of an s-video port they become even better. Especially good for old game consoles now that everyone has fixed-resolution LCD TVs.

Mp3s - How to rip them and a clever way to compare their quality.


Motorola StarTAC - Many people fondly remember their StarTACs from the late '90s and early '00s. Since then though they have disappeared. Except for here, that is.

Payphone Cellphone Handset - What do you do with a smashed payphone?

Sony Liveview Hacking - Water and life proofing the Sony Liveview Remote.

External link-> Samsung Sidekick 4G - A take-apart guide and component index of the Sidekick. (Thread on XDA)

External link-> Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G - As above, a hardware guide for the Relay 4G. (Thread on XDA)

PC Stuff

AMD K6 Dream Machine - This is the computer I would have built in 1999 if I had had thousands of dollars to spare. Now that the parts are all worthless, I've gone ahead and build it for playing old games on.

Windows Bugs - An adventure in Windows UI bugs, and the unsurprising response from Microsoft.

Thumbdrive Repair - Recovering data from a damaged USB thumb drive.

USB Hard Drive Repair - Likewise recovering data off of an integrated USB external hard drive.

Mac stuff

Making 128mb 72 pin SIMMs - Combining 2 64s to make much rarer 128s. Also useful for Amigas.

High performance Performa - The unimpressive Macintosh Performa gets a boost

5G iPod Headphone Port - A fiddly alternative to replacing the headphone port on a 5th gen iPod, and how to prevent a working one from failing.

Apple Newton 2100 - The Apple Newton series of PDAs were revolutionary products. Much like the Jornadas, they were killed just as they were getting good. Here are some ideas I had for improvements.

Other Platforms

HP Jornada 72x - The HP Jornada 728s are quite simply one of the best Handheld PCs ever created. But since the last one was built in 2003, they're a bit out of date. I aim to fix that.

Sun SparcStation 20 - A machine I have a bit of a soft spot for.

Amiga 3000 Restoration - The long winded project to repair an Amiga.

NeXT Cube Repair - Bringing a rare machine back to life.

NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III - A worthy successor to the Jornada, but it was only sold in Japan. I turned one up and set about making it more functional.


External link-> Nintendo Ultra64 - My N64 development machine. (Thread on Assembler games)

Console cabinet - The challenges of collecting vintage game consoles, and figuring out how to hook them all up.

Sega Genesis Modifications - Giving my favourite console a bit of a boost.

Xbox mods - I found myself with an original xbox and a pile of interesting parts, so I decided to create the nicest xbox I was capable of.


LED Flashlights - A few attempts at building a better light source.

Ludlum Geiger Counters - Bringing a few of these old industry standards back to life.


Honda Express - My Honda Express mopeds, my repairs, my improvements, and my write-ups about common problems.

Setting an Odometer - A quick way to match a replacement odometer to the vehicle's original.

1984 Pontiac Fiero - The sad story of my Fiero.

1985 Honda Elite - The slightly happier story of my Elite.


Coat hanger scale - A quick and dirty way to weigh packages.

Fantasy and microchips