2011+ House

A tour of the house I lived in from February 2011 until May 2013.

I took this particular shoddy Vancouver special because I had only a few days remaining before the landlord's sale of the previous house would go through, and I had to be out. It was far from what I had been hoping for, being cramped, crappy, and in a much less convenient neighborhood. But it kept the rain off and the heat in, so it became home.


It didn't take me long to restore the proper levels of nerdery.

And I still found room to tackle absurd projects.

Living room

Previous my workshop was a converted master bedroom. This time it was the living room.

The largest open space in the entire house.

The shelves of holding.

The workbench, covered here in an Amiga 4000

And the cabinets which held my Avid gear, alongside the vintage desk.

The place was meant to be temporary from the start. Dunbar felt like a sleepy retirement community in the middle of nowhere compared to my old place in Kits, despite being pretty close on the map. The corner store went out of business, the combination Indian food and pizza place would close up around 6, and even the local Starbucks gave up and left. I guess it could be great if you're a retired teacher, but it was just hell for a young nerd like me. Any time I wanted something I had to trek into the livelier parts of the city.

I was using padmapper to check listings from day one. The search grew more enthusiastic every time the landlord's 3 little grandchilden came over for lunch and a scream overhead. And every time I had to spend nearly an hour on the bus to get to work. And every time I had to climb the blasted Dunbar hill with bags of groceries. Eventually I found something, and quickly moved into my current place.

Page created June 16th 2013

Everything is closed, it's like a ruin