2007+ House

A tour of the house I lived in between May of 2007 and February 2011. I moved out of this one when the drunken landlord sold it.

My room:

It should come as little surprise that my room was full of vintage computers and oddities. In fact there was so much stuff in it that I ran out of room for my bed...

...requiring that I put it in the closet! You'd be surprised by how comfortable a closet can be. The width was exactly right for my bed, and rain could be heard on the other side of the roof at night.

Behind the door was this, my shrine to all things Sega. And opposite that,

My Workstation:

My desk is an old wooden one that's seen time in several offices. It's in pretty ratty shape, but it's very strong. I'll take it over a piece of Ikea junk any day. I never have to worry about the weight of whatever crazy project I'm working on.


This was my workshop. Okay, it's actually supposed to be the master bedroom, but I figured turning it into a shop was a better use of the space.

At the far end was my general purpose bench. That's actually an IAC Dimension 4 workbench with a heat/chemical/static resistant surface. Thing weighs a ton and can take a huge amount of weight. I got it from the liquidation of A&B Sound, via Free Geek. A good thing, because otherwise it would have been several thousand dollars. Next to it was a surprisingly sturdy shelf bought from Costco. It's much better than the ~$60 price tag would suggest. So much so that I eventually went back and bought 3 more. Had to beat the thing together with a hammer, but that just means it's not likely to come apart.

On the right side were my two other workstations, separated by a functional 68040 NeXT cube. Said cube actually held up the pair of boards I used as a shelf. And the whole bench was just 2 sheets of plywood across 3 cabinets I found on the free pile.

One side of the plywood bench was my electronics workstation. I've got a very good little Xytronic digital temperature controlled soldering iron which I picked up from Main Electronics. It's actually branded Circuit-Test, which is RP Electronics' house brand, yet Main had it cheaper. Go figure. Either way it's got great power and a grip that's very close to the tip for working on tiny things with precision. I also scored a Metcal power supply from free geek but the wand was missing. It just sat there looking imposing. There's also a very dated oscilloscope, a cheap and nasty Chinese variable power supply, and an ex-BC-Tel signal generator. Together with my NeXT cubes the signal generator held the shelf up. I love multi purpose items.

The other side of the bench had my PC repair workstation. This was pretty straight forward, plunk a PC down and go to work. You can also see my second 68040 NeXT cube holding up the other end of the shelf.

The left side of the room held my vintage workstation. All sorts of outdated nerdery happened here. Note such things as the K6-2 dream machine and the laserdisc rig were kept at this station.

Sadly, as nice as this place was, the time came to move. The drunken landlord decided to sell it, and it went to a couple for 1.2 million CAD. I guess I can't blame the landlord for wanting the money, but I still maintain it was a bad move on his part.

And speaking of bad moves, with housing in Vancouver being some of the most expensive in the world, I had to take a crappy little basement suite up Dunbar street, lest I find myself homeless.

Last updated June 16th, 2013

I like it upstairs in my house