About Me

Hello, I'm Jax. I'm a 25 year old nerd who lives in Vancouver, Canada. I've made my home here for the great majority of my life, so while I was born in the United States, I consider myself to be Canadian.

If you were to ask me what I do, I would struggle to give you a single concise answer. Going simply by what occupies the most of my time, it would be reasonable to say that I sleep. Somehow I doubt that's what you wanted to hear though. If you really need an ordinary answer to the question, I suppose I could say that I'm an electronics technician. But that only scratches the surface of what it means to be me.
I fix things. I fix unusual problems for local computer stores, I fix my mother's cell phone when she drops it, I try to be the person who you can ask for help when you have a life problem. And I try to patch up the ugly spots in my head.
I make things. I build funny little doodads and take strange pictures and write even stranger stories.
I dream things. I come up with outlandish ideas and make crazy plans and get lost in thought about how beautiful the world could be.
Somewhere in all that I find myself being able to pay rent and keep eating. That's enough for me.

In the past I have worked as a tech for PC Vision, a now defunct computer store in Kits. I've served as tech consultant for The Mac Market, also in Kits. I've worked as laptop tech, store co-ordinator and board member for Free Geek Vancouver. And I often lend a good friend of mine, David Repa, a hand at his store The Hackery. When I'm not doing that, I can often be found repairing vintage computers, game consoles, and other odd tech in my modest home workshop. Sometimes this even makes me money! I hope that one day it will become a dependable source of income.

So that's what I do, but what about what I am? That's a much more complex subject.

I am a man. I'm an adult, despite what you might guess from my bedroom. I'm a maker. I'm a self-taught tech of many colours. I'm a 7th grade drop-out. I'm a fan of strange music and quirky films. I'm a survivor of child abuse, kidnapping, parental divorce, poverty, foster homes, depression, Aspergers syndrome, and the customary teenage problems. I'm an atheist. I'm a lover of peanut butter. I am all these things and a thousand more, though I think you would grow weary of reading them before I had finished listing them.

So... Jax?
I admit it, Jax is not the name I was born with. But it's the name I like. I figure that if all the world is a stage, then doesn't everyone need a stage name? Growing up, I often had need to identify myself with a false name for reasons of safety. As such I found that I didn't really have much attachment to my real name. Besides, it's not like my parents knew a whole lot about my personality when they chose a name to represent me. At best it was a wild guess. So when I was 14 I decided to pick a new one which felt more personal, and I've stuck with it ever since.
Before you ask, no, it does not have anything to do with Florida, Mortal Kombat, or League of Legends.

Random Jax Fax Facts:
6ft2" tall.
170 180 190 195lbs, dammit.
Has two different sized feet.
Has never been in a Wal-Mart.
Wants an otter.

Last updated June 16th 2013

And I'm hungry like the wolf.