My YouTube page - All manner of strange videos within.

My Last.fm page - I have no idea why you'd want to peruse this, but so be it.


Toms Hardware Guide - General news and reviews in the tech world.

Dan's Data - Australian hardware reviewer.

Free Geek - A volunteer-driven computer recycling program which gives free computers and cheap parts in exchange for helping out.

The Hackery - A small store around the corner from Free Geek, run by the man who founded them. They specialize in vintage gear.

Modifications and fiddly stuff
Hackaday - All sorts of wild and weird projects get posted here.

A Wok WiFi Antenna - Quick and cheap, it's hackalicious!

4hv.org - Great forums for those times when a few thousand volts sounds like a good idea.

PowerLabs - He's as crazy as I am, but has the equipment and money to do things I've only dreamed of. Hurrah!

Useful Resources

Bug Me Not - A list of logins for sites that demand you register with them to view their contents.

Understanding DRAM chip numbers - How many times have you wondered what on earth a particular stick of old RAM was?

Repairfaq - The classic resource for electronics repair of all kinds.


Spamusement - E-mail spam is a given, but at least this guy manages to make it useful.

Cockeyed - The guy has a great sense of humor, and a healthy dose of insanity.

Improv Everywhere - Madmen who make the world a more interesting place.

Eat PES - Eheheeh... Hehehe!

Cakewrecks - Who knew that cakes could be so sad?

Photoshop Disasters - Making fun of cheapass and sneaky companies that try to slip bad photoshop jobs into publications.

Who will save the river valley?