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You can reach me several ways, though the fastest response will usually come from one of the IM networks.

My e-mail address, as well as my MSN Messenger contact is jax184 (at) hot mail dot com. Please note that I've been getting a ton of spam on MSN lately, so unsolicited buddy requests will likely be denied.

Over AIM it's "The JaX04", Yahoo and Skype are "jax184" and ICQ is 224451818

Furthermore I can usually be found on IRC as Jax184. I've been known to lurk in #xkcd on foonetic.

If this kind of thing isn't good enough for you, you can call or text me at 778-554-4269.
Since I keep such odd hours, there's no telling if I'll answer or not.

And finally, if you want to show up unexpected at my door dressed as a giant birthday cake, I'm afraid you'll simply need to get to know me first.

Last modified August 26th 2013

Call me, call me for some overtime