Go play outside!

What happens when a classic gaming obsessed weirdo gets a good deal on a UPS?


The day had finally come for me to take a picture I'd been thinking about for awhile. Along for the ride were my friends Elliott, Phillip and Pentium. Together we toodled out to the Jericho Beach area in search of a nice chunk of forest.

Initially we tried heading into the endowment lands pacific spirit park from marine drive, but found it to be much too hilly to lug our gear up. So we doubled back to where marine drive branches off from 4th and wandered through the nearby trails. Jackpot! We found a beautiful overgrown clearing in the woods that would be perfect for the shot. So Pentium and I went back to the tracker to go pick up the equipment while Elliott and Phillip proceeded to get lost.

A few minutes later we were back. But finding a parking spot was no easy task, as we were sharing the area with the annual folk festival. We ended up pulling into this maybe-it's-a-parking-space at the mouth of our trail for long enough to unload.

Then came the fun part. The 20" studio monitor and the UPS each weighed 70 pounds. And while the UPS was mounted on a luggage carrier, we just had to each grab a handle on the monitor and lug it through the woods. Did you know that overloaded luggage carriers don't like dirt trails?

Somehow we made it in though, and in a flash we had the gear set up in the field. But where had Elliott and Phillip gone? Phillip's Wind phone wasn't getting service out there, and although I was able to reach Elliott, they were't together. What followed was several minutes of running down trails, shouting each others names, and me getting lost just as the other two were found. But eventually we all ended up back where we started.

Now was the moment we had been waiting for. We pushed the power button and the UPS whirred to life. BEEP! BEEEEEP! It did a thorough job of alerting us to the fact that the power had gone out in the woods.
Disregarding its warning, we plugged in the massive monitor and it came up with a satisfying "Fwomp." It was ALIVE!

A quick check of the UPS showed only one light lit on the load meter and a full charge at the ready. Speakers were attached, composite cables were laid everywhere and in no time we had a game going.

WELCOME TO MARIO KART! The two speakers, formerly religated to playing music in my work shop, really came into their own in the open air. Sound effects boomed across the field and drown out the music from the nearby folk festival. We don't need your flutes and guitars, we've got 64 bits of excitement!

We were all in agreement; this was the best way to play a video game.

Phillip was doing great for a legally blind guy, and was giving Elliott a run for his money. Pentium and I continued to take dorky pictures. The UPS was beeping incessantly, but ploughed on just the same.

Round after round went by and the UPS just kept going. There was even time for us to start my camera recording a video and play a 4 player game.

By now it was getting very dark, so we decided it was time to bring out the PS2.

Elliott took up the controller for some Shadow of the Colossus. While his tiny character crawled over the massive monsters to stab at them, the rest of us played the opposite side by trying to fend off the swarm of mosquitos that had decended upon us.

Finally after a full hour of gaming, the little UPS gave out its last beep and shut down. All that was left to do was find all of our stuff in the dark, pack it up and get it back to the Tracker without falling in any holes. Phillip managed all but the last of those points.

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A splendid time is guaranteed for all.